what is this project?

the meaning of this project had been deep within my heart for some time. i believe that the ancient scriptures tell us that heaven is around us, the kingdom is here and now and the majestic glory of heaven is bursting forth through creation.

there are glimpses of heaven that i see around me everyday. these glimpses are small snapshots of the beauty that awaits us if we would only open our eyes and see with our hearts that heaven is on this earth among the living, it's not in the clouds filled with the dead. heaven is a place of life, beauty, awe and wonder.

the "seeing the beauty to come PROJECT" is my attmept to show you the glimpses of heaven i see in the world around me.i pray you go on this journey with me to discover God's beauty.

everyday of 2010 i will post a new picture and only a picture - no words. just the simplicity of a photo to help show you and remind myself that heaven is with us.
the beauty of God is with us.
it is around us.
it is waiting to come forth through the fabrics of creation.

join me on this journey and discover the beauty to come...